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We are actively seeking collaborations in the domains of News, Influencers and Advertisement. Our intention is not only to collaborate but also to acquire valuable resources. In exchange, we commit to distributing these assets to our extensive global network. We invite you to consider this mutually beneficial opportunity.

Media Resources

We utilize both traditional and digital media platforms to spread information and promote brands or products, a crucial part of public relations and marketing.

Key Opinion Leaders

Trusted influencers or KOLs, with their significant impact on specific audiences, are integral to our marketing strategy, especially when targeting younger demographics.

Reporter/Writing Services

Our professional reporters and writers craft engaging content that effectively communicates your brand's message, enhancing its appeal to your intended audience.

Strategic Cooperation with Branches

We facilitate collaborations between your company's branches for shared resources, joint marketing, and product development efforts, strengthening your brand and expanding its reach.

Company:Sookey International Group Co., Ltd.

For Buyers

Welcome to iDoPress, your one-stop-shop for tailored professional services. From eye-catching logo design and compelling video presentation to expert academic tutoring, we've got you covered.

Company: Sookey International Group Co., Ltd.

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