About us

Sookey International Group is a recognized entity focused on providing high-quality news services and spearheading robust international marketing initiatives. This year, we've broadened our scope to encompass a comprehensive education and training segment, further expanding our multifaceted business offerings.


Our commitment lies in empowering clients to communicate vital updates effectively, foster a commanding brand presence and extend their market influence. Media communication is our strategic mechanism for forging global connections. Our expert team ensures optimal deployment of your message, be it through text, images or videos.


At the heart of Sookey is our advanced public opinion software. This tool allows us to deliver precise data analysis, extend professional brand support and facilitate businesses in forging profound connections with their global audiences.


Our approach to marketing and promotion is comprehensive and strategic. We initiate with the formulation of an astute marketing strategy, brand development, detailed market research, the execution of effective digital marketing and social media campaigns. The Sookey marketing team, rich in industry experience, is steadfast in its mission to deliver efficient and impactful marketing solutions.


In 2023, guided by our business development strategy, we introduced the education and training sector. Our all-encompassing training programs are designed to cater to the needs of diverse businesses and individuals. Backed by our team of leading experts and educators, we are equipped to offer tailored training solutions, be it for enhancing professional skills or fostering leadership development.


Sookey International Group prioritizes the unique needs of our clients. We deliver an array of international marketing solutions, fortified by a global media presence and bespoke services. We strongly believe that through collaborative efforts, we are poised to enable our clients to achieve sustained growth and success.

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Company: Sookey International Group Co., Ltd.

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