Content Creation

A one stop solution for all your content needs: content writing, editorial calendars, video production and multimedia news releases.
Based on our content team's experience, the challenges that companies often face in their content planning and production process include:
  • Creating newsworthy stories that attract their target audience.
  • Uniquely positioning their brand.
  • Building an effective communications strategy.
  • When to publish their content to maximize awareness.
  • Attracting international media outlets' attention.

Content Planning

Based on your company's goals, iDoPress will help you create a content roadmap to keep you on track and move towards your messaging objectives. This will include a customized communications strategy and scheduling plan for news events such as corporate announcements and PR activities.

Content Creation

Based on the nature of your business, industry, product and target audience, we will analyze and identify the news value of the key messages you wish to highlight and create newsworthy press releases that maximize editorial pick up and sharing, improve search visibility and deliver your company's brand value to your target audience.

For Buyers

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